UTXO Errors

These errors appear when you perform a transaction using cardano-cli

Transaction fails with error ValueNotConservedUTxO

This error usually means the inputs and outputs don't add up. It may be caused by many factors including the ones below:

Reason 1: Wrong calculation

You may have entered a wrong value in your command due to a wrong calculation.

Solution: Double check your calculations and commands then redo the transaction if you find any mistakes in the calculations.

Reason 2: Multiple NFT or Token entries

While you are performing a transaction in a wallet that has multiple NFT’s or Tokens, the network may sometimes be confused and give this error.

Solution: Select only 1 UTXO that has no NFT or Token in it, then redo the transaction with just that one transaction. Note tht the UTXO you select must be able to accomodate the amount of the trnsaction including fees. Your transacrion should complete without any errors and your NFT’s/Tokens will also still remain intact in their respective UTXO’s.

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