Metadata Errors

Changing Metadata is a simple process to do but it can introduce major issues in your nodes.

Pool not found in Daedalus or pool explorers

After a metadata update, you suddenly see that your pool cannot be found in Daedalus. everything else looks correct and you are able to mint blocks without any issues. However, no one is able to delegate to your pool in Daedalus and existing delegators see their wallets delegated to an UNKNOWN pool.

Reason 1: Change not yet picked up

Some parameters like pledge and margin will take two epochs to take effect. However, matadata changes should take effect in just a few minutes.

Solution: Check pool explorers like pooltool, adapools, and to see if your change was picked up. If your pool is still visible in these explorers, then most likely your update was just not yet picked up by the SMASH servers used by Daedalus. Wait for an hour or so and your changes should be in place by then.

Reason 2: URL Shortener

The URL for the metadata file must be shorter than 64 characters. For this reason, some guides like Coincashew recommends using sites like to shorten long URL’s. This works very well most of the time but on rare occasions, there may be a network delay in resolving the short URL during your registration.

For this error, you will also notice that if you change the SMASH server in Daedalus to ”None”, you are able to see your pool after some time.

Solution: Stop using thr URL shirtener. Shorten the name of your metadata URL so that the length of the URL is only 6 characters or less. Rerun your pool registration using the shortened URL. open Daedalus, and leave it to sync for about an hour. Your pool should reappear then.

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