The Cardano Stake Pool Operators Technical Check (SPOT Check) is a series of checks and useful tips to make sure your nodes are working properly.

This site is created and maintained by WISH Pool with additional content contributed by members of the Cardano Community.

How to use SPOT Check

The Cardano SPOT Check is divided into these main sections:

  1. Basic Checks - regular checks to ensure your nodes are running correctly

  2. Advanced Checks - checks on hidden issues that are not easy to discover and will prevent nodes from producing blocks

  3. Tips - these are optional tips and tricks to optimize maintenance of your node

  4. Troubleshooting - common issues encountered and their solutions

At the time of writing, all entries are correct and updates are applied regularly. Nevertheless, as Cardano is a developing platform, some entries may become obsolete in the future. If you see anything that needs to be updated, please drop us a note with details and we will update it

Delegator Questions

SPOT Check was created as a helpful site for Stake Pool Operators. Nevertheless, we understand that delegators who are not familiar with Cardano may also have questions. Therefore, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in our main website. Please go to this link instead for beginner/delegator questions:



This site was created due to necessity. While maintaining my own Cardano Stake Pool (WISH Pool), I constantly had to make my own notes and checklists to make sure everything is running. There is a lot of documentation available for maintaining a Cardano Stake Pool but they seem to be quickly obsolete, incomplete or not clear. As I discovered issues either first hand or through research and advise from other stake pool operatorrs, I started amassing a series of instructions documenting various issues and their corresponding solutions. It would be a waste of time and effort if each Stake Pool Operator creates their own checklist so I created this site so that we can help each other. Hopefully, the checklist can help us make sure our nodes are setup to produce blocks when our time comes.


This site is in active development with regular updates. As of this writing, almost all entries were made by myself. However, we need the help of the community in order to document as many entries that we can to help Stake Pool Operators manage their nodes.

If you know of any issues that you would like to add to this list, please drop an e-mail with subject "SPOT Check Contribution" to hello@blockchainlens.org. Please include the following details:

  • Issue Description

  • Remediation Steps

  • Optional: Your Name and Pool ticker (if any) so that I can credit you for the contribution

  • Optional: Screenshots and supporting documents

Tip: Where possible, please make your contributions short and easy to verify as this will speed up the process of updating the site. Of course, if you have an entire section to contribute, please feel free to do so. Just note that it will take me a lot longer to verify and post longer contributions.


This site was created as a service to support the Cardano Community. If you find it useful, please consider delegating to WISH Pool. It will really help me out in keeping this site up and updated. If you prefer instead to send a donation, you may send them to one of our wallets here:

We are still a small pool so every bit counts. Thanks in advance for your support!

To know more about WISH Pool, please visit our website at http://blockchainlens.org


This site was made through the contributions and support of the following:

Pool Operators:

  • [WISH] Pool

  • Dantup [CODER] - Retiring

  • Chris [HONEY]

  • Luc [LVLUP]

  • [MOAI] Pool

  • Alex [NASEC]

  • Bill [NRDCO]

  • Simon [QCPOL]

  • [ROOT] Pool

  • [RSV] Pool

  • Wael [PIADA]

  • Eddie [PIGGY] - Retired

Community Groups:

  • Armada Alliance

  • F2LB


All of the entries in this site are made without any warranty. Although effort has been made to ensure that all entries are safe, please make sure you understand what each action does in order to avoid any unforeseen issues that may be unique to your environment.

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