Opening Ports

Check if your ports are open correctly using these checks.

External Websites

Use an external website to confirm that your relay ports are open correctly. Just enter your relay's IP address and port number into this site and click on the Check button:

Do this for all of your relays making sure to update both the ip address and port number. Note that your Block Producer node should not have its ports open.

If this check fails, look at the following possible solutions:

Port Forwarding

If you are self hosting your relay, you are most probably using internal IP addresses which are not visible from the outside world. To fix this, make sure you have configured port forwarding on your router. The procedures for doing this vary with each router model but the main steps are:

1. Determine your router's IP address by running this command on any Linux or Windows machine connected to your network:

netstat -rn

Look for your router's IP address under Gateway column

2. Connect to the IP address of your router using a browser {e.g.

3. Login to your router using the admin account. Check your documentation or contact your service provider if you do not have this.

4. Go to the Port Forwarding section

5. Enter the source IP address and Port Number. For some routers, you may leave the source as blank to specify any source.

6. Enter the destination IP address and Port number of your relay under destination.

Node Down

One possible reason why your port is reported as closed is if your relay has not been started and/or has not yet been fully setup.

Make sure your node is started before checking.

Once your relay nodes are up, check the external website again to see if your port is now open.

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